Monday, December 8, 2008

Injury List - Updated 12/7/09

Throughout the ordeal Paul has had:

14 surgeries, plastic surgery will be in the future

His left arm sewn to his side for 6 weeks

Severed tendons where the shrapnal sliced through

10cm section missing from his ulnar nerve from shrapnel

Severed ulnar artery that’s still not pumping blood as well as it should causing numbness, lack of movement and sensitivity to hot and cold

Burns throughout his hand and arm from the blast

Tennis ball size chunk of flesh missing from his forearm

Damaged, missing tissue from his hand and arm

Piece of his thumb missing, cuts throughout his fingers

MRSA staph infection

Other infections

Groin flap to repair the missing skin and tissue leaving a 10 inch scar along his side, over an inch wide in some places

Diminished lung capacity, breathing at 60%

Fractured and bruised tailbone

Chronic back spasms


PTSD (tested negative for TBI)

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