Friday, April 2, 2010

21 months

21 months ago today all of this started. It's really just another day around here but then I get to thinking, wow, we've been doing this for awhile now. Other times it seems like it was yesterday. I hate being in limbo. Part of me doesn't want to leave the safety (ha ha whatever) and security of the military and part of me is just ready to get on with our lives. Of course the military and the war will always be with us. The war will never end in our house and the scars will never go away.


JenniLee said...

I pray that the war does end and that the scars will heal. Sooner rather than later! Love you Hon!

Goodnight moon said...

OMGosh...I just came across your blog from blog hopping...and can I just tell you that you are seriously such an amazing women! I read over some of your blog posts, and I can not believe everything that your family has been through. Please thank your husband for time, and thank YOU for supporting him like you have during all your difficulties. I can NOT imagine what your days are like.

Wow...your so inspiring!


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