Friday, February 25, 2011

The Joys of PTSD

I hate PTSD.

He tells me something and then contradicts himself 10 minutes later and then yells at me for not listening to him when I question it.

Then he follows that up by telling me not to talk to him anymore because he's frustrated with me.

Maybe if I didn't have to pry information out of him practically with a crowbar and learned how to just simply read his mind we could avoid the usual sequence of events.

I used to go to some of his appointments with him so that I could ask the list of questions that he would forget to ask himself. Or when he'd go see his psychologist and claim that none of the PTSD meds did any good, I'd go to the appointment and call him out on his BS.

Finally I just took a step back and let him deal with it. Now he yells at me that he told me to attend these information briefings and to come to his appointments so I would know what was going on so why should he tell me anything at all.

It doesn't take long to learn that when you're married to a wounded warrior with PTSD that you can't do anything right sometimes.

When he's done stomping around and having his fit like a 3 year old we'll go have breakfast and he'll just move on like the whole argument never even happened. Scream at me one minute and then be perfectly calm and back to "normal" the next.

He's also pissed that now that he has his retirement orders in his hands and can finally start out processing but the orders say that he's in the National Guard when he's actually active duty. So since he's pissed about the mistake and it has to be corrected in the system, that gets taken out on me too.

Life is tons of fun sometimes.

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Family Of a Vet said...

I'm sitting at my computer laughing... not so much because this is funny... but because it's such a good description of my everyday life. Thanks for the smile!


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