Friday, July 25, 2008

A big setback.

Paul has a staph infection and is going to be quarantined again. That means the kids can't come see him and since I always have them I can't either for as long as he's in a quarantine room. He'll be on antibiotics for 4-6 weeks and it should take care of the infection but it was moving through his body fast.

Staph is the type of infection that took the life of my mom.

I keep thinking about how the case manager wanted to push him out the door to Hood or to get him released and it makes me mad. I could've easily had a soldier who survived an IED blast only to sucumb to an infection. Scary stuff. Of course I'm also thinking if he had gone to Hood would this have happened? Maybe they would've caught it sooner or maybe not even at all.

He's going in for surgery today around lunch time to have his incision in his side looked at and sew it up more. He just called back and the nurses said it shouldn't be an issue for the kids to come up and see him, provided they use the hand sanitizer stuff. Chances are though we might have to start gowning up like the staff does just for safety reasons.

I can't describe the feelings running through my mind right now. To me this is the scariest part of his recovery because I know first hand how bad things can get with a staph infection. Thankfully Paul was in the hospital when it was discovered. Had my mom been in we might have been able to save her life.

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