Wednesday, July 16, 2008

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According to my husband I'm "one Army wife you don't want to mess with." LOL, I think that's funny. Although the irony of that is the person who he said that to was the case manager and he is the one person who has seriously pissed me off lately. It's a long story but let's just say I fought the battle of Fort Hood and won. The case manager was trying to rush Paul out the door, whether it was a transfer to Ft Hood, a discharge, whatever, he wasn't waiting for the paperwork or listening to the unit and doctors. Then he tried backtracking his words and acting like I was wrong so I set him straight each time he tried taking the bull by it's horns. I can't say I was polite but at least my trucker's mouth was parked for awhile since I got the job done without colorful words.

Anyway, aside from that if you saw my status I'm sorry I haven't explained or responded back yet. I've been so busy lately dealing with everything going on and Paul's surgery that my emails are piling up and I haven't gotten back to people's IM's and calls. Sorry about that but it's going to stay busy for awhile and I hope you know it's not intentional. I am actually waiting to catch a flight back to Michigan to get the kids and the car and start driving south again. Not looking forward to that drive but I want to get back here so we can all be together again. The kids are really missing us and we're missing them just as much.

Paul had surgery on Tuesday and he's recovering but it's rough. His left arm is literally sewn to his side. Yes I tried to take pictures but he wouldn't let me because his hand basically rests on his guy parts and he didn't care to have those showcased on myspace. His midsection is wrapped up like a mummy though so he can't even really move. He had what's called a groin flap, where they took skin out of the groin area and transplanted it into his arm and then attached his arm to his side to regrow skin and tissue. He also had some tendons that were torn, tied back together. He was missing an 8-10cm section of his nerve in his hand and then a small section of nerve in his thumb and the doctor did a nerve transplant to repair that.

Not an easy surgery by any means but he's surviving. He's already starting physical therapy so that his shoulder doesn't get stiffened up being in the same position for three weeks. Yep, he's got to stay like that for 3 weeks until the skin grows and heals.

Since he's going to be in the hospital for so long and this is a really good hospital, we've decided to stay here at Ft Sam Houston in San Antonio. Paul is temporarily assigned here and we're in the process of getting him permanent orders (permanent change of station) here so we can get moved down here. Don't think that was an easy decision because Paul and I fought over every little detail, and every pro and con about moving here or going back to Hood. We decided he needed to be here and fortunately they were able to still get the surgery done so he can start healing that much faster.

I do have an address for Paul if anybody wants to send him a card or any get well wishes. I'm going to post it in a separate email so it's easy to find. I'll post another update again when I can.

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