Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My husband is coming home.

Well the 15 month deployment just got a whole lot shorter. Paul called again early this afternoon and said they are sending him to Germany and then back to the states. He'll either go to Walter Reed, Ft Sam (San Antonio) or back here to Hood where he'll have a long road to recovery with physical therapy. Chances are he'll eventually be medically discharged after it's all said and done but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

He was awarded a Purple Heart today so I'm proud of him for that but it's pretty scary how he got it. I told him before he left that he didn't need to try for one and he said sometimes life has other plans, lol.

I'm probably not going to continue on up to Michigan to see the rest of my family unless he goes to WR and that will only be to drop the kids off and fly out there. I have a feeling they will send him right back to Hood since that's where we live. I'm not crazy about the hospital there but that will be the easiest.

Thanks for all the comments, IMs and replies, your support has been wonderful and made it easier to deal with. I'll let you all know when he gets back in town. Rear D has been less than steller with notifying me about stuff but they did say they expect him to make a full recovery so I'm hopeful. Right now he has zero movement in his arm and hand so he's got a long way to go.

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