Monday, July 7, 2008

The latest. (well at least for today).

Paul made it back to the states, he was at Walter Reed for the night and is flying out to Brook Army Medical Center at Fort Sam. I'm probably flying back down there to see him either tomorrow or Wednesday and then flying back to get my kids and my car and driving back to TX. On one hand it was nice to have been with my IL's when I got the news but on the other it's a long way from home and now I'm kind of stuck.

Paul can't even really move his fingers and the wounds on his arm are so deep you can see the bone so avoiding an infection is a big deal. That kind of infection is how I lost my mom during the first deployment so I'll be watching him closely when I get there. He wants me to be there when he gets there and I can't and that really sucks. He needs help doing normal things like showering, getting dressed and brushing his teeth. He's actually looking forward to helping Kyla writing her letters and numbers because he pretty much has to learn all over how to do it again.

He's having a really hard time sleeping and dealing with nighmares and stuff. It's hard because he says he wants me there to help him but I have to wait for authorization from the Army to get there.

I still can't believe all the wonderful donations from different ogranizations for him. Upon his arrival to Germany he received a $250 Aafes card to buy clothes since he didn't have any, got a really nice brand new pair of shoes, got a backpack to put his stuff in, another $200 to use for other expenses, and a bunch of calling cards everywhere he's gone. Oh plus a handmade quilt with a note attached from Soldier's Angels. I still have to write the Angel who was assigned to him who's been writing to him and let her know that he's not been able to write back and what happened.

Just the support and prayers our family have received has just been phenomenal. It will be a long road to recovery for him but I know someone was definitely watching over him over there because it could've been a whole lot worse.

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