Monday, August 11, 2008

A big step in the right direction.

Today is day 40 since Paul was hit and for the first time he moved 4 of his fingers!!!! He could bend his first finger a little and slightly move the next two which is a huge deal because of the severe nerve and tendon damage. His pinky still has no feeling so he didn't even try moving that one. You can see the section of his thumb that's missing and it even looks like it's healing the area around it that's not burned. Overall his hand was really looking better than I would've expected it to at this point. He's on another antibiotic for the infection and it's not nearly as serious as the staph infection was so hopefully that will be going away soon. Other than being crabby because he's still there, and sick of the food, he's doing okay. The hospital says he's malnurished so he needs to start eating like a pig which is a little hard to do with the nasty hospital food.

The kids are still driving me nuts, Kaiden moves so fast it's hard to keep up with him, especially when my hands are full. I think that kid needs one of those leashes lol. Since he refuses to stay in the stroller and can work his way out of any 5 pt harness, I try to hold his hand when we're walking and he turns into a wet noodle lol. Kyla is just so whiny and doesn't listen at all at times. I've been trying to work with her with some of those preschool workbooks but I can see where she's lacking and hopefully as soon as we get moved here, maybe before we can get into a regular routine. There's a great place close by that deals specifically with kids on the autism spectrum that comes highly recommended, plus it's fully covered by Tricare. I love my kids but I'm really looking forward to getting them into daycare/preschool so I can get more stuff done on my own and hopefully start working again at least part time.

I have two houses to go look at this week, both with almost twice the amount of room we have now. I'm finding that I'm not even homesick because home is where our family is, whether it's here or there. LOL besides when I think of going "home" I start thinking about all the work that needs to be done to move and having to deal with the rental company! I'm sure that will be a pleasant experience as usual lol.

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