Monday, August 4, 2008

Paul has to have surgery again.

His side isn't healing well where the staples are (he's got both staples and stitches) so they are going in tomorrow to clean things out and put in sutures to help it heal better. The staples were starting to pull apart and it was starting to drain too much again. I was expecting to be able to have him out of there today or tomorrow, not have surgery 8 or 9, whichever it is now. So far they are not planning on unstitching his arm again and I don't know if this one will delay things even more where he'll have to have his arm sewn to his side even longer. When he does get out he'll have to come back to have it unstitched and he'll have to stay a few days for that too. He's coming up on 35 days in the hospital and he's just tired of being there. The kids and I are ready to have him back home with us, well home away from home I guess, but I know he needs to get things healed up right.

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