Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pass the Valium and some liquor.

Paul has to stay in the hospital for 2 more weeks... at the minimum. Not only that but he will be going into surgery just about every other day to have his side messed with (tomorrow is 9). I honestly don't understand why because it would seem like they'd want to leave things alone so they could heal. He's got one of these things hooked up to keep the drainage stuff away from the wounds and the other day Kaiden accidentally shut it off which changed the pressure in his arm, making him just about come right off the bed because it hurt that bad. So he'll be there even after they unattach his arm, maybe as long as 3 more weeks.

I feel so stressed out and overwhelmed sometimes. The kids are driving me insane and Hood is taking their sweet time getting him outprocessed so we can't do anything. I don't know if I can get them registered with Child & Youth Services because we don't have permanent orders here. I either have to changed our PCM through Tricare and hope I can get on post care or drive back up for the kids' appointments because Kaiden is due for his 18 month shots and can't go into daycare being behind on them. It really sucks because we can't turn in our 30 day notice on our house because we can't use the military clause without permanent orders. So we're throwing money away on a house and all the utilities that we're not using. We even asked if we could have the military just move the stuff into storage here until we can get housing or a house here and we can't do that either. The water company is making it difficult and the cable company won't work with us either. It's just stupid.

Because he's going to be inpatient for another couple weeks or so, I have to move back into a single hotel room half the size of this one. They know we're basically living here so it's going to be such a pain tripping over our stuff. I might just go home for a bit and start getting stuff ready to be moved and see if I can rent some tables for a garage sale. The unit here is constantly on the old unit's case to get the orders done so I don't know what the deal is. Not only that but he's been back here over a month and his stuff still isn't here. I guess I have to contact Rear D to see if it's just sitting there or what. The main things he's worried about are his laptop, external hard drive (full of stuff) and his PSP lol. At least that stuff would give him more to do than just sit in a hospital bed watching the clock.

I hope after all this everything heals up okay. I contacted Army One Source and they are sending me this organizational binder for wounded warriors and their families so that should come in handy. Hopefully tomorrow brings better news or at least a little less stress lol. I keep telling his case manager that they should issue Xanax to the spouses at the start of the deployment and bump up the dose as needed. I'm trying to get used to my thyroid medication so I can chill out a bit and now flip out over the slightest thing. LOL so far I'm not rolling with it like a seasoned military wife!

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