Friday, August 8, 2008

Some good news, some bad.

Paul has another infection. They don't know what this one is either but don't think it's staph. He had surgery early this morning and up until today his pain level wasn't that bad but now because they've been constantly messing with it, he's hurting and back on the stronger drugs. He'll get a break tomorrow and then go back in for surgery again Friday. I guess I figured for the amount of times they've gone back in and opened him up to clean things out that he'd avoid infections. So another setback but so far he's been able to have his arm attached so hopefully that means that surgery to unattach it will go as planned in a couple of weeks.

I did get moved into a hotel room roughly half the size of the other one. It's not that big of a deal, I look at it as having less space for the kids to destroy. Plus now I have a decent TV and DVD player, remotes that work, real water pressure in the shower, and a fridge that seems to stay cold. When I was moving stuff (it took me almost 2 hours with the kids in tow), I discovered that the door to the other room didn't lock like it was supposed to which kind of creeps me out. If I had known that earlier I would've changed rooms that much sooner.

The good news is that we got his orders so I can take them to transportation and get that set up and start the process with getting out of our house. I can also switch the kids doctors and get them all set with CYS for child care and preschool - yay! The ironic thing is that the orders have been ready since the 24th and just sitting on someone's desk at Hood because they apparently didn't think it was important for us to have. But that means everything goes back to the date they were effective so basically as soon as we have a house here to move our belongings into the better. I guess if we have any problems with our rental company about the house we've got a unit here willing to make the necessary phone calls if needed. Not just to them but to the press if it comes down to it lol. I really hope it doesn't come to that and that we don't have any issues! Fortunately this time there's no cross country move so hopefully things go smoothly with that. If I know my husband, if he gets the chance to go to our house and get his computer stuff ready to move he will. He obviously can't move any of it but he's already worrying about his stuff lol. I told him that it doesn't have that far to go and if something gets damaged it gets replaced. Chances are the kids and I will be staying here and then moving into someplace here, whether it's on post or off. There's a whole lot to do all of a sudden lol! My IL's are coming down to visit on a long weekend so we're looking forward to that.

Once Paul does finally get out of the hospital and back home he gets 30 days of convalescent leave that doesn't count against his regular leave time. He's really looking forward to that but isn't sure if he's ready to fly yet with the PTSD stuff, so chances are I'll be driving us there and back again and for sure stopping overnight! I wish I could skip ahead to the relaxing vacation part lol!

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