Monday, August 11, 2008

Just when I thought we were getting somewhere.

I guess this counts as another set back. The infection that Paul has now is going to take longer to heal. He's on an IV of Erythromycin, in addition to his other IV and he'll have to be on it for awhile. This morning the doctor said that he'll be in the hospital another 6 weeks after his arm is detached from his side. Today is day 41 since he was hit and he still has another week or two before they can detach his arm, so that puts us into October...

To top it off a good friend of mine (thank you for being one of the few spouses who gives a damn) in the unit let us know that two of the guys that Paul was with when he got hit, got hit again and are both on their way back to the states if they haven't already made it here. Whoever has said that Afghanistan isn't as dangerous as Iraq was full of it. Selfishly I'm grateful that my husband is safe at night in a free country but I still worry a lot about the ones who aren't. I don't know why it bothers me that for just about everyone else who has been injured there has been an email update that's gone out to the families, yet there was never anything about Paul's injuries. That just struck a nerve with me. It's not like we haven't ever said anything to question why that is. Whatever, thanks anyway.

I hate posting negative blogs all the time but some days are really just overwhelming. There's so much for me to do and I can barely keep track of it all. We have to officially report here on the 25th. I'm not sure how that works considering my husband reported there a long time ago. I wish I had someone to help me at Hood when it comes to making sure everything is done with outprocessing.

If anybody at Hood has young kids and they need some clothes, I have approximately 10 huge rubbermaid totes of clothes (more girls clothes newborn to 4T) that I would rather not drag to Ft Sam with me. I know I could easily sell them on ebay but right now I don't have time to put all the work into that. I guess if I just say screw it and have them moved I can do that then but we'll be moving our washer & dryer this time which will add more to our weight allowance. We were close before without them lol. I have half a garage to clean out and take to goodwill so if anybody wants two heathens for a couple hours I'd be thrilled. I'm going back up there soon and have to grab my checks, my POA and my CYS paperwork for child care down here. I love my kids but they need more to do than be stuck in a hotel or a hospital room all day. Plus I have stuff that would be easier to do without them along.

Thanks for all the help so far from everybody!!!

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